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The DHMin Group explores multidisciplinary approaches for the best research in the next generation of therapeutics, such as gene therapies, immunotherapies, and theranostics, as well as personalized medicines, targeted drug delivery, pharmacology, and drug discovery.




  • Materials chemistry: discovery and synthesis of biocompatible macromolecules and nanomaterials for various bioapplications



  • Nanomedicine: basic, translational and pre-clinical research



  • Immunotherapy: antibodies, cell therapy, mRNA therapy, oncolytic virus based therapy, cancer vaccines and non-specific                                         immunotherapy including interferons and interleukins



  • Therapeutic target identification: study of key biomolecules that influence disease processes



  • Biosensors & Theranostics: novel biosensor for diagnostics and therapy for cancers and infectious diseases



  • Combination therapy: co-administration of multiple drugs through a single system



  • Drug delivery system: targeted delivery, long-lasting drug, protein delivery, DNA/RNA delivery

  • Cancer immunology: study of cancer-related immune system, immunotherapy against cancer







Materials: porous materials, polymers, graphene, 2D nanomaterials, gold nanoparticle, carbon materials


Therapeutics: macromolecular therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies, clinical application, protein therapeutics, gene therapeutics,

                        antibody therapeutics, RNA therapeutics, peptide therapy, cell therapy, siRNA, bench-to-bedside translation,

                        infectious disease, immunotherapy, drug delivery, sustained release, combinatorial drug delivery, animal research


Biosensors: diagnostics, infectious disease, cancer, theranostics  


Diseases: cancer, neurodegenerative disease, immune-related disease, skin disease


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